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MVP+ Monthly - Rust

When you buy MVP+ Monthly, you get the perks on all supported servers in all regions. This means if you play on our USA servers, you can simply log into our other servers and have the same rank perks.

Please take note as to what perks are applied to which server as they differ.

Vanilla Server Perks

  • Chat [MVP+] prefix
  • Queue skip
  • Access to /tags command (hide your chat prefix)

Modded Server Perks

  • All Vanilla server perks
  • Daily MVP+ kit
  • Skinbox access
  • Sign artist
  • Chest stack (right click to place)
  • Auto sort chests (/sort)
  • Smart base upgrades (upgrade your base from your TC)
  • Spawn near full hunger/thirst
  • One extra home
  • Larger stack sizes
  • Shorted TP cooldown

Discord Perks

  • Discord MVP+ role
  • Discord buyer's lounge access

Forum Perks

  • Forum MVP+ role
  • Ability to upload files